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To provide our guests with unparalleled International Lifestyle Experiences and contributing to Saudi Vision 2030.


Consistency: We believe consistency to be at the core of our business. From our delivery and management teams to the service we provide our customers, consistency throughout the entire operation is paramount to our success.

Passion: We meet our challenges with creativity and optimism, pushing ourselves beyond our limits.

Collaboration: We are dedicated to partnership and hold a deep respect for the talents and roles of others. We succeed through teamwork and communication.

Integrity: We are committed to integrity and ethical behavior to fulfilling our responsibilities and commitments. We are honest with ourselves and with others.

Innovation: We take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from our mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.

CORE LIFE & Vision 2030

One of the goals of Vision 2030 is “creating a vibrant society with fulfilling lives” through, among other things, “the promotion of physical and social well-being and a healthy lifestyle.”

We take great pride in The Kingdom’s ambitious plan to excel in sports, wellness & health and be among the leaders in selected sports regionally and globally.

We are committed to playing our role in the realization of vision 2030 by contributing to enhancing the quality of life of individuals and families, creating jobs, diversifying economic activity, and raising the status of Saudi Arabian cities to rank among the best cities in the world.